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Average Rates as on 13-May-2016
Commercial for Sale (by Location & Type)
Anjuna : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,47,660
Shop/ShowroomCS 2517Commercial Shops on Ground Flr42.9266,05,9551,53,913
Shop/ShowroomCS 2518Commercial Shops on Ground Flr84.701,23,09,3001,45,328
Shop/ShowroomCS 2519Commercial Shops on Ground Flr42.9266,05,9551,53,913
Shop/ShowroomCS 2520Commercial Shops on Ground Flr84.701,23,09,3001,45,328
Shop/ShowroomCS 2521Commercial Shops on Ground Flr488.947,10,61,0301,45,337
Shop/ShowroomCS 2678Road Facing Commercial Shops1938,00,0002,00,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,47,660
Arpora : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 3,04,878
Shop/ShowroomCS 2652Commercial Showroom822,50,00,0003,04,878
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 3,04,878
Assagaon : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 2,50,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2529Double Heighted Showroom2736,82,50,0002,50,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 2,50,000
Benaulim : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2625Commercial Shops on Ground Flr21.5021,50,0001,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2626Roadside Shops with Store Room21.5021,50,0001,00,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,00,000
Betalbatim : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 84,211
Guest HouseCS 2482Ready Guest House for Sale9508,00,00,00084,211
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 84,211
Bogmalo : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,36,000
Hotel/ResortCS 532Furnished Resort-Outright Sale80011,00,00,0001,37,500
Hotel/ResortCS 1081Resort - Fully furnished4506,00,00,0001,33,333
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,36,000
Calangute : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,05,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1348Ground Floor Commercial Space1661,74,30,0001,05,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,05,000
Candolim : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,11,111
Hotel/ResortCS 1390Resort Near Candolim Beach270030,00,00,0001,11,111
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,11,111
Curchorim : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 15,789
Industrial Bldg.CS 1186Coconut Oil Producing Factory47575,00,00015,789
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 15,789
Dona Paula : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 75,000
OfficeCS 2196Office Space on First Floor86.7365,04,75075,000
OfficeCS 2197Office Spaces on First Floor50.2237,66,50075,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 75,000
Fatorda : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,70,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2490Commercial Shops2237,40,0001,70,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,70,000
Goa Velha : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 85,000
OfficeCS 2025Office Space for Sale29.6425,19,40085,000
OfficeCS 2028Commercial Space for Sale219.921,86,93,20085,000
OfficeCS 2029Commercial Space for Sale188.601,60,31,00085,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 85,000
Mapusa : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,66,005
Hotel/ResortCS 2232Hotel in a Prime Location120021,60,00,0001,80,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,80,000
OfficeCS 2157Office Spaces for sale4030,00,00075,000
OfficeCS 2462Spacious Office for Sale81.7757,23,90070,000
OfficeCS 2463Offices for Sale42.8730,00,90070,000
OfficeCS 2464Offices with Open Terrace43.330,31,00070,000
OfficeCS 2539Spacious Office on 4th Floor10271,40,00070,000
OfficeCS 1898Road Facing Office on 2nd Flr.13875,00,00054,348
OfficeCS 916Commercial Office on 1st Flr.2012,00,00060,000
OfficeCS 918Road Facing Commercial Office26.2216,00,00061,022
OfficeCS 920Road Facing Office on 1st Flr.5030,00,00060,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 64,679
Shop/ShowroomCS 1531Shop on First Floor for sale60.1560,15,0001,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1899Road Facing Shop12565,00,00052,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2494Double Height Road Facing Shop652,27,50,0003,50,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2495Commercial Shop16.4614,81,40090,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2163Road Facing Shop29.0487,12,0003,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2164Ground Floor Shop45.811,37,43,0003,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2170Shop on Ground Floor271,08,00,0004,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2233Commercial Shop for Sale381,00,00,0002,63,158
Shop/ShowroomCS 2461Shop on First Floor52.361,30,90,0002,50,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2686Spacious Commercial Showroom1805,13,00,0002,85,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 2,26,028
Marcel : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 75,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2210Commercial Shops for Sale3526,25,00075,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2211Commercial Shops for Sale5037,50,00075,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 75,000
Margao : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 96,613
OfficeCS 2230Commercial Office Space91.7273,37,60080,000
OfficeCS 2231Commercial Office Space111.2394,54,55085,000
OfficeCS 1897Commercial Office on 3rd floor1001,00,00,0001,00,000
OfficeCS 2077Spacious office Space104.1857,75,00055,433
OfficeCS 1964Road Facing Office on 2nd flr1851,20,25,00065,000
OfficeCS 1659Luxury Offices on Ground Floor86.6769,49,60080,185
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 75,931
Shop/ShowroomCS 2189Commercial Shops for Sale25.7251,44,0002,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2190Shop with Store Room59.631,19,26,0002,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2586Commercial Shops3485,00,0002,50,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 2,14,244
Nuvem : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,37,255
Shop/ShowroomCS 2477Road facing Spacious Shop1021,40,00,0001,37,255
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,37,255
Panaji : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,40,340
OfficeCS 2437Spacious Office for Sale921,25,00,0001,35,870
OfficeCS 1790Offices in Prime Location103.191,02,15,81099,000
OfficeCS 1791Office in Prime Location64.196,15,0001,50,000
OfficeCS 2062Offices in Prime Location45.3047,25,0001,04,305
OfficeCS 2063Road Access Offices67.5964,21,05095,000
OfficeCS 2064Luxury Office Spaces92.0787,46,65095,000
OfficeCS 2065Commercial Space for Offices68.9765,52,15095,000
OfficeCS 2066Office Spaces with Terrace79.5776,78,50596,500
OfficeCS 2067Offices with Terrace N Balcony101.3197,76,41596,500
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,06,751
Shop/ShowroomCS 2059Shops in Prime Location37.8775,74,0002,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2060Shops on Upper Ground floor59.241,18,48,0002,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2061Road Access Shops71.711,43,42,0002,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1871Commercial Space for Showroom133.102,39,58,0001,80,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1783Shop in Prime Location85.911,76,11,5502,05,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1784Shops in Prime Location52.0262,42,4001,20,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1786Shops on 1st Floor71.201,06,80,0001,50,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1787Shops on Ground Floor85.911,71,82,0002,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 1789Shops in Prime Location82.3098,76,0001,20,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,75,653
Ponda : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 50,000
OfficeCS 539Road Facing Office8140,50,00050,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 50,000
Porvorim : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 80,000
OfficeCS 989Road Facing Commercial Office11188,80,00080,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 80,000
Ribander : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 2,03,883
Shop/ShowroomCS 848Corner Road Facing Shop20.642,00,0002,03,883
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 2,03,883
Saligao : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 90,000
Guest HouseCS 1923Fully Furnished Guesthouse5004,50,00,00090,000
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 90,000
Siolim : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,00,004
Shop/ShowroomCS 2682Road Facing Commercial Shop24.5624,56,1001,00,004
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,00,004
Succoro : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,03,226
Shop/ShowroomCS 1371Ground Floor Shop5656,00,0001,00,000
Shop/ShowroomCS 2509Double Heigted Commercial Shop3740,00,0001,08,108
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,03,226
Taleigao : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 71,429
Shop/ShowroomCS 1989Spacious shop for Sale1401,00,00,00071,429
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 71,429
Vagator : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 1,12,976
Shop/ShowroomCS 2649Road Facing Shops61.9670,00,0001,12,976
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,12,976
Vasco : Average Rate for all Prop. types (Rs/SqM) = 2,03,279
Shop/ShowroomCS 2441Corner Road Facing Shop18.549,00,0002,64,865
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 2,64,865
Ware HouseCS 2281Commercial Warehouse for Sale1213,00,0001,08,333
Avg. Rate (Rs.) = 1,08,333
Note : Above average rates are calculated on the basis of rates quoted by sellers as they appear on the realtygoa.com website.
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